5 Restaurants in Bangkok You Can Still Visit at 3:00 Am

5 Restaurants in Bangkok You Can Still Visit at 3:00 Am

In no particular point of the day can a food lover’s stomach be knocked by crazy, violent hunger pangs. Be it morning, evening or late night, when the food cravings kick in, we cannot do anything but find a restaurant that can help us settle it down.

In a very popular restaurant in Sukhumvit, known as Indulge Restaurant, you can dig in the food at any point of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner (including late night food Bangkok). Our culinary experts here prepare plethora of sumptuous and lip-smacking dishes throughout the day.

Some of the most delectable dishes that you can indulge in at Indulge Restaurant as the late night food Bangkok are:

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5 Restaurants in Bangkok You Can Still Visit at 3:00 Am

10 Things to Do in Thailand (Other Than Visiting the Beaches)

Did you know? Thailand was once referred to as “Venice of the East”. This was due to the many original buildings that were built on stilts over the Chao Phraya River as well as the many meandering canals that were a significant factor in Bangkok’s trading activities. However many of these canals were filled and paved to make space for the grand urbanisation. It’s not a bad thing, really, because while many of the canals are gone, the spirit of trading hubs remains. Thai cities are filled with energy.

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